Monday, March 10, 2008

A BOA Constrictor?

As of this morning only a few people had filed for the SPI Board of Aldermen, even so there was an uncontested seat. I had some work and the gals went off to lunch. When they came back they were cackling like geese because they convinced Sandy Feet to run for Alderman. She thought she was opposing Mary Phillips on the uncontested place 4.

With Sandy Feet running, things heated up and Phillip re-filed his application back to place 4 and Mary running against JoAnn Evans. Gosh I love this town.

Word on the street is that Rick Ridolfi also filed for place 4 and Bob Pinkerton is going to run for Mayor against Kirk Mills. Last I checked, Bob had been considering not running this time. We're talking more viewing potential than the Clinton Obama primaries.

All it took was going to lunch!


Sam said...

We have been informed that the confusion over which place different candidates applied to run was a mistake, and that Phillip came back from the airport to correct the mistake. This is the first time in a long time that the Town has used a place system. Sorry for any incorrect information. Lori Wells

Everett said...

Hey Lori, don't be apologising for that old hairy dude! I like getting myself in hot water 'cause it is so much fun watching the "PC" people foam at the mouth!!