Sunday, March 02, 2008

Island Jackass Update

Ah, politics, that time of year again, I thought I smelled something slightly dootie in the air other than the usual allergies. The rumor mill is chock full of goodies like Mayor Bob Pinkerton might not run, Kirk Mills want the job, and Doyle Wells is ready to blow all them away somehow. The farm smells are a little strong these days, huh?

Nothing about a couple of other places like two BOA chairs being up for sale, seems weird nobody has declared yet. Most of the heavy panting is over on the mainland for Cameron County DA and a district (county) judge. Some minor sweats about District 43 House of Representatives for Tara Ybarra-Rios. I have no idea how these off-island races are going.

But correct me if I'm wrong, we have a Mayor and two BOA seats up for grabs in May. Us Islanders really could care less if the Clinton girl or Obama gets the national party nod ... we're thinking they're both half smart so why not make them run together? None of them high-level pols are going to fix SPI anyway. Bring on some of those big ole parties at Sea Ranch and Louie's and I'll see if I vote for ya!

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