Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Backing of the Wind

Ah, today the cool front blew itself out and the wind backed towards the east, little by little, degree by degree. In a day or so it will go back to the southeast. The slight change in wind direction is noticeable, and feels warmer already.

We has expected some birds to fall out but nothing I can report. I even talked with a person who looked professional about it - judging by the thousands of dollars of optical bling hanging around his neck - but he said nothing seemed to be here on Oleander. Just hundreds of redwing blackbirds and common sparrows with a few grackles. In short, nothing but pests!

Yesterday's huge brush fire up the Valley sure brought in a bunch of smoke but it definitely cleared out today, so maybe they have the upper hand on it. It was quite large, about 25,000 acres.

Big happenings in the sky as the Vernal Equinox is Thursday. There's a full moon on Friday. Of course Sunday is Easter, also the day when many leave to go home after Spring Break. All these pagan celebrations so close together - 2008 is truly an usual year.

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