Thursday, July 26, 2007


This is a prayer for Rebecca. I don’t know her very well other than she is the receptionist at the Town Hall and I don’t even know her last name. But gosh, I must have called her on Town business at least a couple hundred times. She was cool, fun, factual, and quick.

Unfortunately, Rebecca seems to have had a stroke and was rushed to the hospital. I don’t know more than that and if you know more please chime in here. She hasn’t been at work in many days.

I swapped some email with Michael Montgomery who used to be in media relations or whatever they call it now. He said she was one heck of a gal, and he worked with her for quite a while.

“Man that truly breaks my heart about Rebecca. I sat right beside her all day, every day. That poor girl had more problems than all of us combined, and would never let it show.”

As I promised, I’ll try to find out more about Rebecca and how she is doing today and some more on her past. It is the least I can do. If she needs help I’ll pass the word.

Update: Ann at the front desk says Rebecca is OK and going to make it fine, some loss of movement on the left side but it talking and undergoing therapy. After an evaluation sometime next week they'll see what the next steps are. So pray for a speedy recovery, and thank you.


Anonymous said...

I like Rebecca and would be interested in an update should you get more information. She was always very kind and friendly to me. I think she went out of her way to be so.

I will hope and pray for the best for her.

Thank you, Sam.

Will Davis

Mike said...

Thanks Sammie...God bless Rebecca and her family! She was a quiet, remarkable human being who always had a smile on her face and warmth for others in her heart.

Sam said...

Bless you all and we're thinking if her family needs some help, we should do something nice. You know, like give back for all that public service. Anybody have any ideas?

Mike said...

And, the town website has been mute...