Sunday, July 01, 2007

Are Palm Trees Evil?

We certainly do! See those brown snaky and fluffy branches that don't look like green palm fronds? Those are the sex parts (yikes, teenagers!) that spew out pounds and pounds of allergy-producing pollen. Please excuse me while I sneeze.

So anyway I visited the local doctor to refill some medicine and he asked if anything was going on, health-wise. I indicated my allergies and those freaking palm trees. He agreed, saying he had never seen the palms do the teenager thing in June. "Go swimming a bunch and snort some saltwater." Forty-five bucks in co-pay and he tells me to ....

Then we were talking with our good friends from Dallas, a veternarian and his wife, complaining the we had allergies fairly bad and the dogs were even sneezing too. "Are you kidding? I'd love to be allergic to palm trees! It takes years to become allergic to things like that. Frankly I'm jealous - you get live here and be allergic to palm trees. You poor, poor folks."


FROM THE GOOD NEWS DESK: Lori bagged a job with the local school district instead of driving an hour into the big city every workday. She is so happy she's on Cloud Nine. Her drive is now not maybe ten minutes. Hey if she's happy, I'm a happy camper too!


mustlovespi said...

CONGRATS LORI - I am so happy for you - all of us at craft camp were thinking good thoughts and saying good things behind your back - not that you needed it - sounds like you got it on all your own merit, which isn't surprising. And yes Sam, it is good for you too cause "when momma's happy, everybody is happy. Have a great 4th!!! Ann

Sam said...

Thanks, Ann. I'm very happy. It will be great working in my own community, and it will be nice not driving 100 miles a day. You guys have a wonderful 4th as well. I'm not sure we will make it to the pig roast. We have a full house at our place. I get the feeling Sam is going to want to stay on this side of the bridge. See you at craft camp, and thanks for putting in a good word for me. Lori

Anonymous said...

Whoo-hoo!! Congratulations Lori! Hopefully the wait was worth it! Now with that new car, it will stay nice and low on miles.
Char in Littleton