Friday, June 29, 2007

Bongo Dogs

I had to laugh because some people thought the Bongo Dogs were a species of critter like the mysterious Padre Island Chipmunk. "How do they taste?" asked one commenter. As shown in the photo with four of the nine Bongo Dogs, these are real nice people, not "the other white meat."

And wow they're be playing in town again on July 3rd at Wanna and 7th at Palm Street.

Cathy on the trombone on the left, now she is cool because she's got at least three toads to play. I always play a toad when the Bongo Dogs are in town. Again, not what you think! Here's a nifty small one and yes you can buy a huge toad online.

Umm, they croak like a toad and sometimes are called "frogs" because we're having too much fun to tell the difference. Some of the Bongo Dogs songs just beg for a toad, I tell ya. There are many kinds of similar percussion instruments including beans and hollow tubes with ridges on them that produce a similar sound - what you do is rub the ridges.

Anyway, come on down and enjoy the Bongo Dogs. They're all music teachers, studio musicians, or both. They always play impromtu and really can wing it. And Cathy lets me play her toad!


Mike said...

Don't be playing no toads Sammy

Sam said...


Everett said...

Yeah man, you keep holding that thing in your hand and you will be getting warts!!

Sam said...

Good thing I don't kiss them, huh?