Tuesday, June 26, 2007

SPI Chipmunk Dilemma

OK, I asked around town and yes there are chipmunk-looking critters that live in the wild part of Isla Blanca Park. Being inquisitive, I checked several authoritative resources regarding the "rodents of Texas." All locals said they had a racing stripe and looked like a chipmunk but you only saw them dashing across the road or scurrying off somewhere.

I checked out the Gray-Footed Chipmunk but that mostly lives in the pine forests of west Texas and in New Mexico and such, and didn't look right.

But I did find the Texas Antelope Squirrel, which is shown in the above picture. Looks rather chipmunky, maybe? Nice racing stripe? Anyway, they like desert environments but are thought to be closer to Val Verde and other West Texas counties. Who knows?

If you do know, well stop holding back. If we need to save the Texas Antelope Squirrel I want to know I've got the right name. See you in the dunes!


Mike said...

Sammy...I'm not sure that is exactly the one; but I think you have found a mission. Damn good to have a mission down there that precludes city hall....CleeeeFort! Let's make a SPI Chipmunk documentary. I would dig it!

Sam said...

Need a bottle of helium so we can sing like those adorable chipmunks, too! Gosh, what was that cartoon?

Anonymous said...

Ok, maybe they are park squirrels???You can also find them at Andy Bowie Park, esp near the concession stand area. Ever been there? Nice park. Anyway, their are at least a dozen or so out there. Some city types have tried to call them Prarie Dogs but they are smaller than a Prarie dog.

Sam said...

No come on, really? I need to hang out more in the county parks since it looks like they have all the cool rodents. I don't care for rats in the least but squirrels and chipmunks seem cool. Honest, I haven't seen one of these varmits here yet.

Possum - check. Jack rabbit - check. Coyote - check. Wild feral cat with bobcat ears - check. Alligator - check. Not a single darned rodent! No moles or voles or even a wharf rat, and certainly no beavers (har-har). Not even a house mouse.

Y'all sure you're not sending me off on a Snipe Hunt?

Mike said...

Absolutely no snipes Sammy. By the way, there are beavers on Lake Travis. They chopped one of my willow trees...Go figure!

Anonymous said...

OK, damn yankees! The answer to your delima is....these little guys are GROUND SQUIRRELS in South Texas. They are all over the place. They inhabit golf courses to grain fields in the South Texas climate.

Geez, Chipmunks............


Sam said...

You don't sound like a happy chipmunk, Todd!

Maybe it's a mutant Frank Zappa Antelope Chipmunk ... LOL.

Have fun and be merry.

Mike said...

Alvin, Alvin!