Saturday, April 14, 2007


Thanks to Sandy Feet I discovered a whole new genre of art called Steampunk. From what I understand, it is a retro/techno fantasy artform that is inspired by the Industrial Revolution and often contains boilers, heavy industrial stuff, and even diesels (see dieselpunk, a variant of steampunk). It turns out one of the better steam-punkers is a good friend and sandcastle builder, Kirk Rademaker. Below is his Industrial Egg Holder.

Apparently, the art form is not necessarily new, being around for three decades or so, but is recently enjoying a rebirth in music, fashion, graphic arts, and all kinds of applications. Below is a picture I stole called the Steam Powered Spider. Wow.

Sandy Feets says she'll be working up a steampunk design with Kirk for the next big sandcastle championship is Harrison Beach, Canada. We hope for some cool pictures, right Sandy?


Lucinda said...

You betcha!
Might also find photos of what Kirk and I did in Port Aransas a couple weeks back of interest. Check out the pics of the rarelocomotive fish.

Sam said...

Whoa, great locomotive, err, fish! I love it. /sam