Friday, April 27, 2007

Mr. Sam's Neighborhood

It's a slow Friday here on Oleander Street ... well except that my nose is running like the devil from all the allergies, that is. But things are looking up. The picture shows some good signs as far as getting rid of the old construction barricades and putting in some planters. A committee I'm on came up with the idea and you know, this committee has been trying since 1998 to beautify the bayside street endings ... what's that, like almost ten years? Soon the planters, really concrete sewer pipe, will be painted a sandy color, filled with dirt, and planted with a mixture of Lantana, Texas sage, and Coral Bean.

Yesterday one of the wind surfers on the street noticed he needed a little more room on one side so the could launch their boards. So he called the Town and they said "just ask Sam if that's OK." Wow, I was honored, so we walked down to the site here and I called Public Works and got the right man on the cell phone. "We'll be right there Sam, no problem." So we talked for a minute or three and here comes a truck and a backhoe, just for us. "Eighteen inches that way," I said, pointing with my foot. Being as scientific as possible, one worker helpfully puts down a rock and asks "like maybe there?"

I just love this manana land.

We nodded and on go the chains and hooks and over goes the planter. We thanked them profusely and offerred cokes and beer because it was quitting time, which they refused, and went happily down the road. Good timing: it was the last day of set-out.

So today the wind got over 25 MPH again and I asked the wind surfers if we done good, if they had enough room now. Everyone was happy and said "thanks, Mr. Sam!"

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Anonymous said...

I noticed you mentioned allergies and just had to tell you what worked for my allergies--olive leaf and oil of oregano (wild mediterranean type). It took two weeks to kick in and no more sneezing eight or more times in a minute.