Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Beautiful Time on the Island

The time between now and Memorial Day is the best, since everything is new, green, and fresh. There are no maddening mobs of people. And after a rather odd Easter chill we're back into the low 80's, a perfect mixture of cool and warm. The seismic boats have moved out of the area, thank goodness. Life is good on the Island again.

The last bird fall-out was nothing short of spectacular, with a new bright red oriole species called the Orchard Oriole. Some of the bushes looked like Christmas trees there were so many.

This morning was foggy and damp and then a cool front blew through - one of the kind that actually made it fresher and warmer. I wish I had fished a dawn - "dawn patrol" we call it. The surf is still a little cool at 66 degrees but it should rebound to 74 pretty quickly now. That's when I get in to boogie surf and cast for fish.

Sure, there's a few people on the Island but the Spring Breakers and Winter Texans are long gone, and the cold ran off the entire Semana Santa crowd. It's not deads-ville but I really cherish this time of year. By Memorial day it will be hot, as if the Lord flipped a big switch in the sky. The vegetation will all go brown and dormant. It gets rather boring after that, even though most of the locals are working furiously to make their annual wages in three short months.

Best of all, the allergies haven't been all that bad. That's one reason I moved down here from Austin, as that place is really Allergy City. It's supposed to be a bad year for allergies because of all the winter rain but so far, no sinusitis, migraine headaches, or sneezes, excepting my loving wife.

Yep, sure is nice down here right now. See you on the beach,

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