Thursday, April 05, 2007

Bird Drop, Casino Updates

I need a break from the "blowing up the bay issue." We've had some bird migration going on for a while now but with the latest cool front ... and another Saturday, the birds are dropping in again. The last front pulled mainly to the Northeast so most blew inland but hey I saw ... well a yellow belly and two orange bellies and they're not orioles or sap suckers ... man I need a class real bad. And a better camera and some binoculars that actually work. But it is fun to watch them. We just put out some sugar water and grapefruit halves to try to scope them in closer.

On a different note, not near a nice, latest word is that the casino issue is firing up in the Legislature. Doyle Wells and his crew have a lease on 27 acres next to Isla Blanca Park and today's local paper said he was going to court to allow a casino on "his" property. Yes, SPI was selected as a prime candidate and being the little weasels they are, they'll sue to make a buck ... even though they haven't invested a dime on the land itself as far a making improvements.

Sorry to bum you out, as the birds are already checking out our booty we just put out for them. Skittish little things, they are!

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