Friday, August 25, 2006

What's for dinner tonight?

Some folks eat anything and everything. I used to be that way. I suppose I got a sensitive stomach over the years, which I partly blame for an extremely nervous job at the Texas environmental commission as well as drinking coffee all day long. By the time the doctors got a hold of me I had high blood pressure and corroded guts. So I’m pretty much all fixed up and have a clean bill of health except I really watch what I eat.

The more I learn about food the worse it gets - my feeling that things are way out of control. I used to love chicken and turkey … until I found out how even so called “organic” poultry is basically like eating crap. Sorry, I won’t hardly even touch the stuff anymore. My more adventuresome moments are with really good cuts of beef steak, best of all straight from the farm (OK, real chickens from the farm are pretty sweet, too).

One would think I eat all the wrong things, like lots of fresh fish from the locals. Except in the hot summer months I consume oysters like a hound. I sure if they had lobsters or crawdads (spiny lobster) down here I’d be eating enough to get iodine poisoning! I NEED more mercury! The doctor said I wasn’t getting enough, OK? Vegetables, fruits, and fish: that’s our main diet.

I’ll tell you one thing, if you eat “trans-fat” oils you’re a dead man walking. That stuff kills. It is best to stick with lard than these new wonder chemicals, which are mainly vegetable oils cooked at high heat and pressures in the presence of a metal catalyst such as platinum, palladium, or nickel. The stuff is about as bad as drinking gasoline, and is refined in a very similar manner. I meant that figuratively, understand, since hydrogenated trans-fat does reduce the “good” cholesterol and increase the “bad” cholesterol ... then kill you!

This is a sensitive subject because my wife thinks she lost loads of weight on the Atkins Diet. I think it was the healthier food, myself. The problem with the country is not the fat people but the fact that its food industry is completely whacked, and organic doesn’t even mean organic. We’re just not producing the right kind of foods. I don’t mean to diss Whole Foods and folks like that, but give me a break. I know better. So, what’s for dinner tonight?


beerman said...

Man it’s difficult to eat right! We raise our own beef so I know it’s done right. We also get a lot of pork from feral hogs and 4H show auctions. Both fine sources of protein but high in fat"sausage!", (the feral being somewhat leaner). As for poultry I always feel like I’m doing good roasting Beer Butt Chicken or smoking em compared to deep fat frying but like you said, commercially grown fowl, is ???? I’m not quite ready to start raising my own broilers and eggs but that would be best. When we had rain we kept out 4 acre lake stocked with catfish but have to buy it now also. As for veggies, we raise some onions and tomatoes; everything else is too much work. Thankfully my homebrew is full good stuff!

Brenda and I finished the 25 mile route Saturday in just over 2 hours only stopping at one rest stop. Were sitting at the pub sipping a cool one by 11:00! That’s my kind of endurance ride 


Tha Beerman!

Sam said...

Alright, Beerman & Brenda!

Hey my point was there's a big difference between you brinking a steer to a processor house in the back and walking out the front days later with some packaged beef ... as opposed to what people claim is "good" quality store beef, even at Whole Foods.

If you've ever has grass-fed beef, you'll know what I'm talking about! There simply is no comparison.

In addition, a bunch of chemists have sampled "organic" foods and found them to contain just about as much toxins as the regular stuff. Of course, they acknowledged that home farmed stuff, if done right, was very low in most all toxins.