Friday, August 04, 2006

The High Season

In spite of contrary rumors, the Island is packing a great summer season this year. This weekend is extra special, with the Texas International Fishing Tournament (TIFT). If you count all the TIFT money generated in Cameron County, like beer from Wal-Mart and a few speeding tickets on Route 100, we're maybe talking 4 to 6 million bucks over three days. Not bad, considering that there's only a few thousand of the fishermen as compared to all the tourists on the Island. I still think we need an economic study to see where all those bucks are flowing, but nobody seems to be complaining at this time - they're way too busy!

Local business folks have to make their money now, because in two weeks it could be way off. I was rather worried about saying anything about the weather, by the way, as that tends to confuse people. Right now it is beautiful. A full moon will be this coming Wednesday, when some of us locals are having a small "pachanga" on the beach. That's also the day that the weather-witches say that tropical depression Chris may make a brief appearance - right now on a beeline right for us. But that also means that a few thousand surfers will be on their way because everyone knows the break down here is the best in Texas.

I don't mind a whimpy little mid-week tropical storm because it brings nice swells to surf and by the following weekend, barring any big changes, everything will be back for the "topper" of the season. The topper is always the second full weekend in August because after that, everyone decides to go back to school and work.

The prospect of a mild, mid-week storm and a wonderful & safe weekend for the topper makes me feel good, at least wishing for it. Until next time, Hola from the luckiest Island in the world.

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