Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bay Area Task Force Update

After almost a year and some delays in getting the final recommendations out, the Ad Hoc Bay Area Task Force has finally delivered the goods to Town Hall and its members. I won't comment very much on the substance except to say it was probably one of the more difficult topics one could pick as a first-timer on the Island, even with 20 years of vacation experience. The report itself is only about a dozen pages but we provided about another inch of paper so you could draw your own conclusions, too.

In our favor, Russell Judah mentioned in passing that it was a great committee report, one of the best ones yet, although he didn't agree with all of it. I can live with that. Some of it was fashioned from compromises, split votes, and so forth. But hey, I put in at least a thousand hours as the secretary dude and ... gosh I didn't even get one darn dollar to frame on the wall!

I suppose it is all over now, a moment to reflect as the Board of Aldermen contemplate all the competing things in the budget and their priorities, as most committees expire now and are re-appointed with new members or in the case of an ad hoc committee, could simply die and go away. I will miss it.

But I do want to take the opportunity to say it was fun, I learned a lot, and it was a pleasure to serve the community. I would gladly do that again. /Sam

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