Tuesday, August 08, 2006

On Bonfires and Porpoises, Generally

Mercifully, we don't have to complain about any huge tropical storms and knock on wood, let's keep it that way. So the news is slow except that the Middle East is imploding, not something I feel like discussing. So let me let my mind wander over to ...

Young horny male porpoises! Apparently these juveniles are about the most randy things in the world, and have actually attacked a few humans in their state of horny confusion (you can tell by the yellow flag with a question mark on it). Fortunately, they mostly screw each other and there were only one or two ... how should we say ... human/dolphin incidents ever recorded on the Island. It's a real show-stopper at a party if you ever pop the question on your friends. "Did you ever ..."

Now the surfers got into it because they use boards and I'm a body surfer, thus exposed to not only Master Randy but the sharks as well. Yeppers, they call me "Sushi Sam" or "Sushi Bait." OK, everyone needs to have their little fun ... Seal Meat Boy!

One thing that draws us together, after all this and that, is a nice bonfire on the beach. I've become quite the artist at this. No gasoline used here, you have to use newspaper and some skinny wood and two by fours to get it going. I like the small fires myself. Now these surfers, when you ask them for wood they bring truckloads of pallets, scap wood, and whatever they have blocking the driveway. To tell the truth, it is a complete blast.
Later ...

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