Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Let's Talk Computer Geek!

I got mad at my computer the other day and for once I got to the bottom of it and fixed a makor problem. See, I don't blog for a living I have to run models and statistics and stuff for ... gosh I hate to admit it, real work. So anyhoo, my most recent virus scan update from McAfee really put me over the top, and I decided to take the bull by the horns.

What happened was that McAfee automatically gave me an upgrade with had online virus scanners, firewalls, email 'protection', and a cute little parental control program to see if I was visiting a porn site - hey, did you know that Sandy Feet runs a porn shop? The darned software told me so, and tried to lock me out!

So all this hooey and hokum was bringing my computer down to its knees. It took like 30 seconds to bring up a new program. My virtual memory zoomed into gigabytes. McAfee is really bad about memory and pagefile systems.

So I called my California geek friend, who of course is like 20 years old and already has his own database company. He said that anyone in the right mind would get rid of any big-time virus scanner like Semantec or McAfee and use something more commercial. He mentioned a free program called AVG Anti-Virus, which let me add is quite good after using it a few days.

So now I'm happy, screaming like greased lightning I've never seen on my computer. I thought I would pass that along, as it sure made my life easier. Now I can afford to piddle around the 'Net even more!


~melissa said...

I have been using AVG for a while. I am gonna shoot you an email with some firewall info and spybot. We need you protected all the way around.


Anonymous said...

I have been using AVG for years and it has never let me down. I also use spybot search and destroy, adaware and spywareblaster. It is a very effective 4some...