Friday, May 26, 2006

Political Outrage

Anybody hear about the latest brouhaha in D.C.? Apparently, a known swindler, Rep. William Jefferson, D-La with shady connections in Africa, had his office raided by the FBI. I say he is known swindler because his chief of staff was just carted off to jail for bribery. This Jefferson man’s up to his eyeballs in Tiki-Pooh.

Yet the nabobs in the House of Representative went ballistic along with the Senate, saying there was a “separation of powers” and the FBI needed to give all the files and moolah back to Jefferson, based on the US Constitution.

Folks, the separation of powers applies to the US Congress and not individual congressmen and congress women. Where is the outrage that these folks, highly paid PUBLIC SERVANTS, should each be above our laws?

That’s right, they’re PUBLIC SERVANTS not some members of a secret club that can deal in hush money, kickbacks, and all kinds of influence peddling. With public approval of Congress in the range of 30% and the Presidency not doing much better, you’d think they’d do a little better.

I’m not going to make any accusations, but the same attitude and impression seems to be going on with the Cameron County Commission voting into a sweetheart deal with Doyle Wells to commercialize our local crowned jewel, Isla Blanca Park.

I say kick all the bums out! On Memorial Day, 2006, it is time to reflect on those that lost their lives to defend our country, and what we’re defending it for … and it ain’t the greedy politicians on the take.


Everett said...

Hey Sam, I'm kind of glad that I am of the age I have attained right now. I do not have a very good outlook for the future of my grandkids. I am not a relegious guy and am in fact an athiest. But some where along the line, all the morals that guided us and were taught too the new generations, seem to have been lost when religion was tossed out of the lives of a lot of people by all the PC seperation of church and state folks. It never ever bothered me when we added, "Under god" too the Pledge of Allegience. Nativity scenes on public property hurts no one. Prayer in school? what a crock to throw it out, I just didn't participate, end of story there.
It is very apparent that political affiliation is not the cause of crookedness. There are plenty of dishonest outright crooked bastards on both sides of the aisle to go around.
Why do I have such a bleak outlook? because every where I look and read, the strictures of morality and doing the right thing are evaporating at an ever accelerating rate. Islam is the rise with all the associated problems that is going to cause us, and illegal immigration will be the cause that finally brings this country to it's knees. Not because the immigrants are all bad folks, but because of the financial drain they impose on all the other taxpayers and the fact that they put back very little to none in that vein. I quit. You might see some of this answer in a future post of mine if I can get my head together.
BTW, nice letter in the BIT! See Ya bud.

mleahy said...

WOW!!! What a great thread... Jefferson IS guilty, he was caught on tape accepting the money. End of discussion!!! As far as how PC this country has become, it is a bunch of BULLSHIT! We are creating a nation of whimps. I feel that I have as much right to offend you as you have a right to be offended! In Denver, Colorado the city has offered up a 1-800 number to report offensive bumper stickers! Bullshit, a first ammendment right to free speach! Wonder if those bastards at the ACLU will get involved? Right, those castrated bastards would not dare. Religious or not, our laws were founded on "The Ten Commandments". (Like it or not!) If not, Mexico is not far, MOVE! My vision of the future is not soo bleak. The actions (Not words as soo many are only good at) of our troops, an all volunteer army, have inspired me with hope for the future. Immigration, I agree, It is a great imposition on our financial resources. I don't have all the answers either or else I would lobbying congress. I, by the way am Catholic, don't let that scare you as I believe in something larger than MYSELF. MLeahy

Sam said...

Well, on this Memorial Day I'm going to have a burger and a col' beer and think about it. Daughter Samantha is coming down for a few months, so a reunion of sorts, in between the college semesters.

I remember marching since an early age, in cub scouts, naval cadets, junior high school, high school, and even in an rag-tag oompah band on Memorial Day (I played the Sousaphone, a true American invention!).

Strange, people don't celebrate Memorial Day like they used to. Back in Connecticut where I grew up, the entire town would show up. Serious, you even saw the home-bound folks, you know, the elderly that had nurse care and lived with the shades all pulled down. I think the Town paid for ice cream and cokes for the entire parade, when it was done, and there was a big old BBQ with hotdogs and hamburgers later in the afternoon. Everyone got one of those VA poppies - and you wore it proudly all day. Those who marched were heroes and they listed all the names in the little local paper.

One year it was unseasonbly hot, well over 85 degrees, and I must have fainted ... right in the middle of the parade! When I came to I was riding on the back on fire truck Number 1, holding onto my ole but now bent and busted Sousaphone, a fireman holding me steady, getting cheered like a soldier returning from war. It was quite a specacle.

That day I got two cokes and two ice cream bars.

You don't see that kind of Memorial Day spirit anymore, even though so many people profess to be "patriotic."

Everett said...

Yeah Sam, I remember having to go over too the Legion Park and recite all the verses to, "In Flanders field where Poppies grow".We all had little American flags to have as well as the paper red poppies. Then some of us would go up to the cemetery on the hill and put small flags on all the graves of the veterans of all the wars buried up there.I usually go up on Memorial day, still, just to say hello to all the ancestors and thank all those guys for making it possible to have lived the life I have.Millions of people have no idea just how very close we came to speaking German and/or Japanese as the primary version of speech in this country. Merry old England was within months of going under when we stepped in. If they had been taken by the Germans, we would not have had a foothold in Europe with which to beat them into submission. From there , the middle East and Africa was theirs and control of all that oil in the hands of those who I am sure would not have been very generous in the distribution of it too countries that didn't agree with their version of government. We all NEED to remember that lesson. Sadly, we don't and they do precious little teaching of it in the schools!! Jeez, how did I get off on this rant? Have a cold one for me, and kiss a TIKI queen!TIFN