Tuesday, May 16, 2006


The gold plumerias are back to doing pretty good, after being sorely abused last year when moving down here to South Padre Island. So are the other babies. They've been fertilized some but need some cow chit and three inches of mulch - and maybe some real rain instead of Mr. Sam the Hose Man here.

The yellows and golds come first, with the pinks and whites to follow, and the reds are always last. Strange how it seems to work that way everywhere around here ...

I'm down to 13 plumerias after leaving Austin, from a total of 21. Yes, a wee bit excessive, eh? But they are a fun hobby, and can handle the worst weather except for a hard freeze. Oh, and they smell pretty darned good, too! Nannette has me saving flowers for a Lei for the Tiki Ceremony this weekend.

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nancy said...

It's a pity that the internet doesn't have the Smell-O-Rama feature, because these flowers smell heavenly. Lucky Lori will be wearing them Saturday night.