Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Fake SOBs Spotted on Island

It has come to attention that some yahoos are calling themselves "locals" and even "Sons of the Beach." An example is shown above, him of course hiding behind his Whopper. I mean, I've lived here almost a year but I don't claim to the either or both, other than having fun meeting the real locals and SOBs. But honest, folks like in the picture there, that is WAY too much (thanks to Jules at her 'Bruni Digest' blog for the fake SOB picture). Is this some kind of ploy to convince the gals we need more "renting" in the E District? I shudder at the thought ...

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beerman said...

Sammy, you're scaring me man! I don't even want to know where you spamed that pic!

Relax, Have a Homebrew :)

Tha Beerman!