Friday, May 05, 2006

Mrs. Whip

I was reading the Southern Brewing News and came across an article about a place in my old home town, the Whip In. And yes, there was a lady we called Mrs. Whip, although no, we’re not talking some kind of fem-dom perversion here because they had the best micro-brew and hard-to-find beer anywhere. Strange wine collection like from the Middle East, not to mention they also had some of the best groceries from India, Pakistan, Thailand, and so forth – in a freakin’ convenience store! If you think I’m still kidding check them out at The Whip In

It is located down in South Austin by Oltorf Street, right off Interstate 35. The easiest is heading south, where one would take the Woodward exit. Anyway, the shop has come a long way over the last 20 years and is a true Austin institution.

If you’re in the area on May 7th, there’ll be a big hoedown at the Continental Club, which is of course the funkiest place to see real music in Austin. That’s where folks like Joe Ely and Los Lonely Boys hang out.

And don’t worry folks, just a touch of nostalgia … OK, I miss Mrs. Whip and her cheerful smile, too. And most of all her secret whip.

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