Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wanting to get "all out to sea"

Well we tried, but the captain said it was like 4-foot waves offshore so we ditched our offshore trip today. That's OK, but it was a beautiful morning and the Gulf is hard to predict. Our area of the Gulf is closer to the edge of the continental shelf and has more blue water than anywhere in Texas, but does tend to be rougher as a result.

I hope it works out because the usual style of fishing such as on a party boat if to fish the reefs straight down, most often for the "endangered" red snapper mixed in with a few oddities such as amberjack and king mackerel. This crew only fishes sport fish on top, mostly catch and release except if a dolphin (the fish) or wahoo has big eyes for the lures.

Marlin, both blue and white, and sailfish are the true sports fish for these folks, with the occasional tuna mixed in. The day is long and at least $600 in fuel is burned. And sometimes you don't get a fish up close for a trophy picture but there's always something interesting out there, and I'm always learning.

As the little graphic indicates, there's all kinds of outriggers and gear all over the place so that up to seven lines can be fished in a "spread" to resemble a school of fish being chased. So I'm used to running maybe two or three that had no names other than "my pole" and "your pole." I can see the captain barking orders like "clear the outer left on the cross-bar daisy chain fly-jacks, ya blarmey" and have no idea what he's talking about. Point and make a reeling motion I might be able to catch on.

Hope we can get out soon!

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Rob Nixon said...

Sorry y'all missed out on your trip but those 4 ft waves mean that we may actually have waves for the kids on Saturday for ISD!