Monday, June 30, 2008

Croc Thieves!

Beware of a recent rash of minor thievery on the beach - people stealing Croc sandals. We've lost a few pair, since we always leave them on the beach to go swimming.

To top it off, Lori walked the dog on the beach today, and some jerk stole the bling off her Crocs! Boy howdy she was hot about that, just steaming. "My mermaid," she forlornly cried.

So I now wear my oldest ones that I used to paint the house last year - they look and smell and heck, with a mysterious, black "x" factor growing inside the soles. I keep trying to tell Lori not to wear nice new ones to the beach, like the Camo ones she recently lost (way cool colors). Maybe a beach bag or back pack with a zipper is the may to go, to keep the kiddies half honest.

Otherwise, the beach report is really good, little weed, no jellyfish, very clean water today. Grandma waves, we call 'em.


Anonymous said...

Interesting Sam--in CO we have so many around, they really are not stolen, but we don't have much opportunity to just kick them off and walk in the sand....
Unfortunatly, we won't be making it down this summer. I am very bummed. Perhaps October, I need a beach fix soon.
Take, care---

Sam said...

Aw Char you're bumming me out ... no summer fest and we owe you a Chinese dinner? Well, October is Sand Castle Days so maybe then ... hope to see you sometime about then!

Anonymous said...

Not as bummed as me. So are you heading to CO?

Rob Nixon said...

There is a similar problem with Reef flip-flops.

I have had multiple pairs "walk off".

Sam said...

I got a message from a couple who visit from Dallas, saying they lost a portable cabana and some other stuff recently. Called the cops because of the cabana. Cops said there was a whole bunch of petty thievery lately.

Anonymous said...

I have heard...of course nobody wants their name attached to it, that crime petty and otherwise is up 30%.

Of course a lot doesn't make the papers, don't want to scare off tourists.
I do know, a man in the security business,who hardly has time to eat. He does cameras and other security measures. He couldn't tell me how much his business is up, just that its a bunch. Seriously in the last 6 months he has gone from Some Sundays off, to grab and run every single day. Too much to do.
I have also heard that gang problems have gotten so bad that some police are a bit intimidated about going to the north end of the island. They have to respond alone. Gangs are often heavily armed and multiple people. We see headlines in the paper of police shot. Most, but not all are on the Mexican side.

So? Crocs? I have heard of Jeeps and WideScreen TVs walking off.


Sam said...

True, we all know the North End is a no-man's land and it has always been rough up there ... but right here within Town limits? It seemed like a few scams such as auto thieves and house breakers were always there, but now we have more going on that we've seen in the past.

As to Crocs, reef shoes, and sandals, to me that's a low blow. I mean who would want to wear somebody else's stinky old shoes? It seems disgusting to me, only aimed at making the beach-goer feel really mad. I mean get real - could you fence some stinky old shoes at a pawn shop?

Anonymous said...

On reason they might be "snappin'" up your crocs is that they cost $30.00. More than an umbrella, towel, or chair and a lot less noticeable when they literally walk of with 'em. Here's and idea - I have several pairs - think I will wear one of each color - these thieves obviously have "taste" and might not be so prone to pick up an "odd pair". - A

Sam said...

Hmm, sounds cool!