Monday, June 09, 2008

Home Rule

So what do you all think? The Town of South Padre Island could become a home-rule city is they wanted, but there is a curious resistance to that. I like the idea of Home Rule because it means we're "taking the bull by the horns" and are not so subject to the whims of the honorable Texas Legislature. Do you like the idea or not? Yay or nay?

I really don't think one would see much difference, and your property values would change with the economy and not anything the Town did by simply going Home Rule. It does afford the citizen a little more power however, a nice touch as a free-thinker like me. If you don't like somebody in power because they're abusing it, it sure would be nice to have a recall. And referendum, sweet, we can get our own agendas on the Board of Aldermen Agenda instead of just silly "public comments."

Oh so now you know why some politicians are scared. How the budget gets done can change as well, since we're no longer a General Law municipality. Stories about "losing" a million in beach funds because of going Home Rule are patently false. I have heard several other white lies as well. But basically, politicians are used to being bullet-proof once elected and Home Rules takes the carpet away from under all that.

I care not a bit about the politics of the situation. The facts are we have over 5,000 "inhabitants" and it is something to consider. Do ye or would ye want it or not?


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Sam, for placing the question on your blog.

As you know, I am very much for home-rule status, partly because I know it allows the town to achieve the political level it deserves, compared to other similar municipalities, and partly because I believe it will require money from the HOT taxes to be used for activities that benefit residents as well as tourists.

I am still a bit surprised that the issue is so little appreciated or debated.

For me, this is my last attempt to get people to see what I believe is so crucial to the best interests of all -- or at the very least to get people to debate what should be of the most crucial interest.

I give up.

Elvie and I will be selling out and moving on, partly due to the direction I see the Town and its people, which I do love, cannot escape.

But I do thank you for your steadfast attention to this issue, as well as other matters, and I bid especially you a fond farewell.

Will Davis

Sam said...

Gosh I feel terrible, like we townsfolk failed you or something. I got beat up all the time when working for state agencies and I learned some lessons, ones I didn't like but sounded true:

- When big things occur, you hear loud crashes and wailing and then nine months later something happens, like mating elephants. Sometimes it is unsuccessful.

- You are a ball of styrofoam that can float on top of the waves.

- Right when people are really mad at you (the expression was "piss livid"), give them a really cool idea that makes sense and they can take credit for.

- Follow these steps and you will get some "royal jelly," which is usually only produced for the queen of the colony.

I hope you thought that was hilarious and we'll miss you simply for being here. Gosh, does that mean no music together? Perhaps I should send you a recording of my acoustic guitar playing so you could really get a laugh! -sam

Miguel said...

It seemed strange to me that no one was responding to this very crucial issue. And now it appears that SPI is losing one of its brightest citizens...