Friday, June 06, 2008

Summer is here

Summer might not officially begin until June 22nd but it's here now, with Memorial Day and our little events out of the way. Many locals get real busy; some leave to go on the road for the summer art circuit; some head up north to more civilized temperatures.

The wind seems to blow hard still, as if May hadn't ended yet. It's OK although the fishermen don't like it - that wind can make you feel 15 degrees cooler than if you don't have a breath of air. One thing we missed was a bunch of rain, since usually it will not rain much except for an occasional dark cloud overhead until the September monsoon season. The ground looks parched and very dry already.

Lori and I were just talking how just when she gets out of the school system - 6 more "wake ups" she says - everyone will be too busy or traveling. Well not exactly true, there's the Camp Craft Girls for her and I have some stinky old fishing buddies for me. It's just totally different. It's summer now.


Everett said...

Hey! Who is that old hippee kissing your wife??

Sam said...

LOL, I'm gonna kick that hippie's butt if I can find him!!!

Hey I tried to post up on your blog and the crazy letter didn't work. Then it started barking at me, I swear to The Man. Really strange.

But I was going to say, none of them Presidential contenders impress me, Everett, including McCain. Is that why your dogs started barking?????

Everett said...

I'm not happy with any of them either, But McCain is by far the lesser of the three evils!

Sam said...

You mean "weevils," right?