Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Those Amazing Roach Coaches

Don't call the copyright cops ... but I simply had to share this picture of a Roach Coach, this one from up by Austin way. You don't see many down here, where I guess they are bigger and are called a Taco Van or bigger yet, a Taco Trailer. Anyway, they deliver stuff to jobsites and for all the complaints and regulations, are quite good. The company that had the topless drivers were the best, of course.

Now see what happens when there is a small fender-bender and the cops show up? These here Roach Coaches do not like Johnny Law in the least, and this one decided to kersplode on two Officers of the Piece (pun intended). Pretty much got them with the ice and coke bin, eh? That Roach Coach does not look happy!

Probably it's grumpy about the weather, too.


mleahy said...

I have to tell you Sam, I am amazed that more people do not get sick eating off of these trucks. I am a bit fanatical about food safety and took the serve safe course and earned an instructors license in the bargain. these aptly named "coaches" do present a danger tothe general public. They lack the basic sanitary needs required by the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation).

Eat at your own risk, and blame yopurself is what I say!

Regards, MLeahy

Sam said...

LOL, Mike, this was supposed to be funny!

All this serious Pooh going on everywhere ... I agree that eating anything "off the street" is playing with some serious bacto-problems.

But gosh, these are the days of spinach scares and all, nobody is safe! Eating anything could possibly be dangerous to your health! Yipes!

Next up: breathing: is it bad for you?

ROFLMAO, have a good weekend...

Everett said...

ROFLMAO ? Is that something like mayo that you put on a taco from one of these things? When I was in the NAVY and these trucks came around to the hangars, we called them "The putrid puke purveyors" or "gut wagons" 'cause when you took something from them your gut usually started "waggin" shortly afterward. We usually would only eat the prepackaged stuff from big name companies, GACK!!

Sam said...

Everett, ROFLMAO:

Rolling On Floor, Laughing My Ass Off