Sunday, January 14, 2007

Another Excellent Bonfire

Last night's Capricorn Birthday Gathering on the beach was a glowing success, complete with a tent, cabana (wahoo!), truckload of wood, and some really special folks. About six or eight Islanders and SOB's had birthdays this past week. It is certainly a tradition to remember.

Amazing Walter showed up with his very cool cooking grill, some heavy iron for heating up the beans in a real cast iron pot and some wok veggies. I've got to get one of those! A sausage at the beach beats any baseball park weenie I've ever had - and by the way, I hope that dog who ate all the delicious jalapeno sausage had one hell of a fire-hot crap today. And no, we didn't eat much sand, an account of the wind block and all. It looked like a modern-day cowboy camp out there, it really did.

And what great timing, with rainy winter coming back ths week, to drop 40 degrees off the temperature. There was singing, dancing, ukuleles, stories, drumming, and all kinds of great fun. You could even hear coyotes in the distance, howling along with us.

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