Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Light Snow Reported on SPI

I saw some sleet while walking the dogs ... checked the weather service and sure enough they reported "light snow mist" at 10:00 a.m. and 37 degrees. /Sammie


~melissa said...

Sounds like a heat wave compared to what I am having! So does the water feel warm then? I bet it does. Have a good one Mr Sam!

Sam said...

You know Melissa I got more sh!t about posting about a little sleet. One Islander asked me if I needed my shovels back so I could dig out of my driveway. My sister asked if it was 5 below and an inch of ice was in the offing, like up in Maine. Then my kids call up, saying they can't go to college or work until like Thursday. Sheesh.

So then I grabbed a way-cool picture from Sandy Feets' Cam, like a 14 foot wave cresting (on what usually is a do-nothing cam site). If snow won't do the trick, hows about a monster wave? The freakin' blog software would not let the JPEG upload. Well dangety-dooh!

But thanks, I feel better now and I think I'll won't get pneumonia if Lori keeps whippin' my butt. It's been a rough couple of days here.

Everett said...

Geez Sam, All the way down to 37 huh? I just went and looked at my thermometer and for the first time this winter we went below the 20 mark to 15! I'm still NOT trading in my shorts for long pants yet, but am assured of taking a ration of s*** when I get to school this AM!jebn

Anonymous said...

snowed in here in fort worth.....would trade anything for 37 degrees and your view. stay warm.

Sam said...

37 sounds warm to some but for the third day ... it is STILL 37 degrees! In a semi-tropical place like SPI that's just not expected. The palm tree fronds are starting to droop and the Tepaguaje (a native tropical tree) is starting to get what is scientifically called "leaf moosh."

Pretty science-like, huh?

Curiously, the cool has actually turned on our baby lemon and grapefruit plants, which I had almost written off last month - it's sprouting leaves all over now.

It doesn't sound like some cool weather has slowed down Everett and his "Nantucket Nut Coolers," either.

After the storm blows itself out I'll go check on the erosion on the north beaches, which I should imagine should be quite severe. /Sam

pedro said...

Damn Sam...locals don't like to have to do weather damage control...lol

Sam said...

Said that right.