Monday, March 20, 2006

Scissor Tails?

This picture was courtesy of some darned thingy on the Internet but the Scissor-Tailed Flycatchers came in today, up from Central America somewhere. It is an awesome bird, maybe not as awesome as the “Yeek-Woo” bird I have yet to identify, but way up there. The Scissor-Tail is the state bird of Oklahoma and in Texas is also known as the “bird of paradise.”

They are extremely aggressive and were attacking the grackles (nasty black birds), which endears me to them even more. And, they seem a little horny already, diving up and down with their long tails in acrobatic stunts. Just when I thought Spring Break was over!

The red-wing blackbirds have almost cleared out, my favorite crazy blackbird, as well as the doofy white pelicans. Some transient mockingbirds have shown up, one of which mimics the Yeek-Woo bird and drives me insane. But the scissor-tails are definitely cool.

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