Saturday, March 11, 2006


Here’s a shot of the Demilitarized Zone at ten o’clock a.m. Notice the chain link fence down the middle of the road – and yes I agree, it’s pretty bleak down there. By two o’clock in the morning, this will be an absolute madhouse. The chain link fence is a new development because the plastic barriers they put up in previous years were used for target practice.

Today is the first day of Texas Week for spring break. You won’t see much traffic now because kids these days don’t wake up until noon. All the locals are scrambling for groceries and beer and wine and supplies to “hunker down” the upcoming rush of wild-ass kids. Creative folks are putting up “do not cross” police tape to protect their driveways – you get the picture. Hey I could use a roll of that stuff, just maybe.

My wife Lori says “it’s kind of like getting ready for a hurricane,” a good description except the dogs bark all night long at strange rap sounds. Another difference is that there are five beer delivery trucks for every bar and the Mayor hasn’t kicked us off the Island … yet!

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