Friday, January 20, 2006


No, I don’t mean that I have a gay camera – I call it a “bino-cam” because it resembles a pair of binoculars. It is made by Bushnell, regarded highly in the trade, but I’m still having problems as you can see. How did the Earth get so tilted like that, and why is our bird here so fuzzy?

Oh and yes, any idea about what kind of bird it might be would be nice, although this is the best of six pictures. It looks like a cross between a giant duck and a Peregrine Falcon. He (or she) has been sitting there all morning.

The bino-cam was Lori’s Christmas present to me, so I’m going to work on those little settings some more. There’s a little LCD panel and – having a senior moment here – I needed a magnifying lens just to see what it says. About the only thing that looks intuitive is a display that says “EEK.”

But the horizon, even tilted, was fuzzy today because of the 30-knot winds that stirred up a whole bunch of sand and smoke and dust. Half of it seems to get right in my eyes and blow right up my nose. But with 70-degree temperatures, I’m not complaining.

And, not a bad picture for about 200 feet to our mystery bird here.

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