Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Thammy Gotta Code!

Well blow me down if I didn’t get a cold, which hopefully will leave without complications. I call it the “Austin crud” because I got it a day after my good friends visited, although one can never be sure. At least we don’t have cedar pollen on top of everything else. Yup, cedar pollen, that’s a big reason why we moved down here.

But I shouldn’t whine and moan too much, since it’s just a silly cold. I can hardly think straight, which is possibly a good idea for a while. My wife is emptying out half the medicine cabinet and I don’t really want anything except soup, and maybe something with chile or hot peppers in it (what happened to my sense of smell and taste?). She looks disapprovingly, like I was completely bonkers. “Here take this now.” I simply smile. What was that old saying, feed the flu and starve a fever … see, I really can’t think!

Well, if you see me wandering around the Island bare-ass nekked, you’ll know what’s happening. It is NOT a senior moment, folks.

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