Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tiki Summer Days

It's hard to believe that Memorial Day came and went, and now it's full summer, and hot enough to prove it. The island business and traffic seems to be jumping along quite well, steady so far. Anyway, this picture appealed to me, the old car, the bikini babe, and the Tiki - now that's summer for ya!

We're lucky so far, since although we need the rain the weather has been kind to us. There were a few good offshore fishing days right after the wind quit after memorial Day, but it's back up to 20 to 30 MPH and I couldn't hitch a ride on a boat - so surfing will have to do. Gosh I love all kinds of surfing, and the ocean breeze makes it feel cooler.

Ah, the Tiki. Not sure what it means than tacky bars with weird drinks like the Zombie, Mai Tai, Scorpion Bowl, and Navy Grog. Of course, the Wanna-Wanna has a similar three-rum drink with the similar two-drink limit - it'll make you "wanna" a little too much I guess. It's about the glaring sun, the shocking moonlight, the secret looks at cuties, the lazy, tacky, do-nothing days of summer. Let's go build a semi-pornographic sand castle, yippie!


Joni said...

Oh, I could use a Wanna Wanna right now. We walked over there the other night with the dogs & I was so disappointed that the town had shut down the canine friendly policy.

Anyway, I used to always stick to beer or the turbo until Ms. Hefflon bought me a WW one hot afternoon and now I'm hooked. But, my limit is definitely one!

Nice post.

~Melissa said...

Hey Sammy, The Dog Days of Summer! WE have a bar up here in Minneapolis that is called Psycho Suzie's. It is a fucked up Tiki bar....or a Tiki bar with an attitude. It is a very diverse group of people and a whole lot of fun. Not to mention, the best Patio in town!

Seriously, a 2 drink limit on those drinks at the wanna? I never had more than 2....but then again, I never tried to. LMFAO

Thanks for posting my Land Locked Beach Bum Blog on your page! Island Princess stopped by yesterday!