Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Barking Gull

Here's my new pet, a laughing gull. It comes every morning to finish off what the kitty cats don't eat. Malia the dog barks at the gull. The gull barks back at Malia. It's really quite something as they bob and weave, bark, shout obscenities at each other, and then laugh like fools.

Of course, "Barkie" has a sidekick, a nasty old grackle with even a fouler vocabulary. It imitates the cats, something I have never heard of before either. Sure, mockingbirds mock, but ... well these two aerial pirates are really something.


~Melissa said...

You should take a video of the birds "barking" That could be fun to hear!

Sam said...

Hah, I'll have to check into that - I don't can a video cam worth a hoot now, so ... well he comes every day.

Anonymous said...

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