Thursday, June 18, 2009

Now We're Cookin'

Well we finally did some shopping so we have that mysterious stuff called food. We've been eating too much restaurant and junk food with Lori at work and then at school all evening. It feels good to look at the refrigerator now.

I'm way off my gardening this year because of the severe drought, so nothing is growing ... some tomatoes, onions, and herbs would have been nice. It's just too blasted hot, and the sandy soil just won't hold any water. In fact I put out the hose the other day to water some plumeria and the water just went straight down - I was wondering if I was inadvertently watering some place in China.

And that's a shame because I always had an herb garden up in Austin. The rosemary turned into giant bushes, and I learned that if you got a cilantro patch going, leaving some seeds to replant, you'd have cilantro all the time - and some rather strange caterpillars. Chives were a little bit more of a challenge, so I went to small, multiplying green onions just fine. Thyme, rosemary, dill, ginger, Oriental lemongrass. and others were a pleasure to snip with the scissors and just throw in the pot, in the pan, or onto the grill. Dried stuff from the supermarket just doesn't work as good, so maybe this fall it will get better for gardening.

I don't eat a lot in the summer but somehow, making a small amount with just the right herbs really does something. Even parsley, now that stuff is good for ya!


Everett said...

Well Sammie, I will trade you three days of straight up sunshine for one week or month which ever you prefer, of rain! Most of my garden except for the 4 20'x4' two foot high raised beds is under water and more suitable for planting rice than anything else. The corn came up and it rained and there they stopped growing. The cukes, squash, any of the curcubits and the beets carrots, beans etc, all put out the seed leaves but never got to the two true leaf stage. They just sit there turning yellow and then brown. For the next 4 days we get to have another tw0 to three inches of rain! Global warming my royal red ass! Most of Nebraska, Idaho, Indiana, Illinois, are also far behind in corn, wheat,soybeans etc. and so according to one of the farmers who is also trained as an economist, the price of food is going to go out of site this fall and winter. I thought I was getting ahead of the game for another reason but no such luck! And after this week, we don't get another chance to replant before the maturation dates put us into the middle of November! I'm getting worried!!

~Melissa said...


If I decide to stay, I may come asking for your advice on how to have a garden on the island. I love growing my own food. I have a little 20x25' garden this year. I love it. Sorry your stuff isn't doing as good as it should this year.


Sam said...

Gosh Ev, that sounds horrible. I heard a bunch of folks up north who have about gave up on veggies this year. But give it a chance, since in July it should be a thousand degrees and bone dry. All you need is like 70 to 90 good days for a crop, right? You got time.

Melissa, good to hear from you too. You know I could have a little paradise in my backyard but starting from the nastiest sandy clay and wild weeds you ever saw if rather ... challenging to say the least. The best island gardens I've seen have raised beds like using landscape 4x4 timbers, like around the perimeter of your back yard (they're small down here).

Now our growing season is in the winter so I don't get mad about sitting on my Ess. I think you can still squeeze in about 70 to 90 growing days, easy.