Monday, December 08, 2008

Toasty 2008 Number 3

What a beautiful day Sunday was down by the Wanna-Wanna. We got to help Sandy Feet as she carved another Toasty the Snowman. Jerry Wilson took the picture shown above and Island Princess took the one below. Me, the dummy in the crown, I forgot my camera.

Lots of visiting families, Winter Texans, islanders, and a large group from Monterrey stopped by for a picture or six. Oh yea, and Sun Clay, Amazing and Laurie, and many more. It was very fun. Thanks, Feets!


island princess said...

Jerry is my mentor, and always will be. The only way I could get a picture like that one he took with the sand like that is to take it while I am falling backwards. Such is my technological know-how.

~melissa said...

I would have taken a pic of you and sent it your way!!!! all you had to do was ask!