Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bonfire Update #1

OK, I realize I was confusing in my original post. The bonfire is still on for New Years Day, Thursday.

Weather-wise, a mild front is due to come through this morning with fairly strong NE winds. On Thursday, the wind is expected to switch back to the South. The question is the timing of the wind and rain right at about dusk when we want to light the fire. So far, so good.

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Sam said...

Wow that was fun. As Ann had said, the driving on the beach was easy. The tide came up really high so I moved my truck right before dark because it was getting foggy and the seagulls - the visitor tourists - were starting to drive REAL crazy.

But we had the music, the vibe, and a great time. Note to self: next time even more wood!

And we saved The Bench. It was just an old red picnic table bench, perhaps 30 years old and semi-rotten, so I threw it on the truck for the ride up the beach. We finally took a vote and decided that the bench should live - that is, not get burned up. Plus everyone kept sitting on the darn thing every time I made a move for it! So instead, Kevin found an old Christmas tree that looked like it failed its job as a dune seed, and we burned it instead. Yup, saved the bench that way, we did. -whams