Sunday, August 10, 2008

Oh Really?

Every day I read many bloopers and I suppose that I should start collecting them. Here's one from none other than the respected (and despised liberal) New York Times, talking about about a referendum vote in Colorado that would define when human life begins:

"The proposal is the first in nation to put the question of when life begins before voters."

This is impossible, since life could never begin before the voters, who were presumably already born in order to vote. We hope. Lyndon Johnson had some issues there in Webb County, mainly dead ones coming back to life - but I don't think they reproduced very much. That begs the question about how many voters really have a life, a shocking prospect.

I'll keep hunting!


Mike said...

Sammy...Box 13 was in Alice, Jim Wells county.

Sam said...

Ah, a true history buff, thanks Mike!

Just had to talk about something BESIDES Dolly - still looks like pooh down here.