Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Want One of These

How did Sandy Feet do it?


Anonymous said...

Stopping to pick up after others - at least that is what I understand the "ticket" is for ...

While up at the north beach this week a "gal" friend and I ran across a field of bottles ALL STANDING UPRIGHT. Approximately 50 glass and plastic bottles, of every shape and size, standing up like little soldiers. At first we thought, “how odd is that", surely all those bottles didn’t magically stand upright. After a second of speculation it dawned on us that somebody righted all the bottles to make a statement - We were inspired, and decided to make our own statement - we picked up the bottles (plus a lot more, all in the wash line) and on the adjacent side of a dune wrote the word - STOP! As we composed our “trashy art” it began to create a powerful message in ourselves and hopefully others - certainly there will be critics that say "why didn't you just pick them up” - well I have been doing that, and it doesn't seem to make a difference on the TRASHY folks who think the beach is their personal trash can. Making this statement was at least something different, and to top it off we came up with a name … S.T.O.P – South Texas ‘Oughta Protest.

So … if you frequent the north beach (by far THE place where "tickets" of merit and demerit should be given) watch for more trashy messages in the sand ... next time ALTO! ... mustlovespi

Anonymous said...

Grand idea. I hope it makes a difference. Lori