Sunday, August 17, 2008

Attempting to give a damn

Lord knows what came over me, but I think I let off a stink bomb in Jason's South Padre Attack Forum. Looks like one with permanent results! If they accuse me for needing to repaint the town because of may caustic blast, see if I give a damn.

I didn't move here to become a political hack and it's time to focus on real things, anyway. Business, surfing, fishing, new hobbies, writing a book, more music, more money, more fun. Hey add less trash to that list while we're at it: Unlitter. I'll eat my hat if the "government" can help me with much of that. And I'll be double-damned if some silly Attack Forum will do any good - certainly it can't clear the stink out of the air. Not after that one, whew ... As a lyric by BR-549 reads, "he could cut a stink pickle that would bring tears to your eyes."

Ah, freedom at last.

I was one of the last hold-outs among my circle of friends that actually liked the Attack Forum, and valued it for the updated during Hurricane Dolly especially, as if the Forum had a cathartic Kumbaya Moment. Then, it reverted to its old ways, the tired expressions like "you don't have a clue if you don't go to the Board meetings." Gosh, after being told a hundred times I was getting dumber and dumber by the minute, this Wells Boy let 'em have it. I think I wrote "Tim you ignorant slut ..." Priceless. And stinky-roo. S-o-r-r-y!

For all the angst and high drama, it was all a silly game anyway. It was addictive and few recognized my humor, satire, and tongue-in-cheek moments. But it's like giving up cigarettes: no more. Hey that's a swell idea, I could give those suckers up permanent, too.

In the big scope of things, I happen to notice that the date had slipped by August 16, which is the magic day the tourism falls off by about half here on the island. Now that's some serious stuff, and yes I do give a darn about that. Somehow, I was hoping for a resurgence after Hurricane Dolly, perhaps an unrealistic wish. Fittingly, on that day that day I saw the Bongo Dogs at the Wanna-Wanna, which resembled a bombed-out WWII ruins because of the storm - a truly existential experience.

But in a typical island way, band members all said they preferred the steadier, smaller crowds and more relaxed atmosphere. And I finally relaxed too, and smiled.


Anonymous said...

Sam, I agree with you on the forum issue. I never understood why so many people have nothing better to do than wait for the perfect time to jump in on a topic and turn it around to meet their agendas. For gosh sakes get out of the house and go walk the beach. Have noticed since you got back after Dolly that your Forum Posts have been a bit snippy. Thats ok because I know you well enough to see your humor in the messege. In defence of the Forum, it was very useful in the days after Dolly. My how time flies and people forget about that little storm. Now back to the serious disscussion regarding bus stops and flashing pelican signs. Keep posting cause the forum wont last a week without you. Love ya man...Chris in Cowton

Sam said...

Well, spoken like a gentleman and true, getting over Dolly has made me a little edgy. Need more time on the beach. Problems, what problems!

If you hadn't noticed, many people blame the Town for the business not being so hot here, and expect the Town to fix that as if by magic. It's like if we made the Main Drag all sexy with new sidewalks and shade, tourism would jump 200%.

There again, many businesses don't want to give up one square inch of their land, so a sexy version of the sidewalks is not possible.

So there you have it. The Town gets blamed if they don't do anything, and if they do, they'll get sued in a heartbeat!

I see these kinds of things and shake my head ... time for the beach. NO agenda, just the beach.

Rob Nixon said...

Hello my name is Rob and I am a foum-o-holic.

Great post man. By the way, other than Dolly coming in and screwing things up, the buisnesses that I know of, us, Louie's, Wahoo's, Brewey, Psychadeli and especially Dorado's were having a great year!

I would never say that the island has a failing business community.

Yow can only be an expert on the forum if you use pseudonyms and vague names anyway.

Remember if you use your real name, the powers that be will come in and take you off to the gulags!!:)

Anonymous said...

Whatsa Matter wit you?? Here, you write some of your best stuff ever, then?? I see you are already posting over on Jasons Mess again !!! Can't you even go a week without that kind of abuse???! Hand your wife a hammer, tell her to hit your thumb once a day...until you can go at least a week without posting on that mess. Don't make me come find you for a 12 step intervention. In my opinion, Ti,Me,Ma are the worst sort of trolls! I think that Gr is mostly a brain damaged ancient troll. I don't know whats up with Bil who used to have great posts...maybe burned out after dolly. JW seems a lil crispy around the edges too...last couple weeks. The rest I either agree with or not but at least are mostly civil. Trouble is its hard to have even a discussion without constant troll attack. Oh,and although mr R.Nixon has great posts I think he is a bit off on this being a great year pre-dolly. I know Sea Ranch was down, the dolphin and beach umbrella people I talked to were mostly down...some by a lot, and also when I talked with Dan he had told me business at Louie's was flat to slightly down for the year....of course everyone shoots for at least modest growth.
Anyway, Sam,my advice is, think about your own words in your own post. Then stay out for a week, let the trolls beat each other a bit.( Yes, I still read Jasons mess and I post too but I also take breaks.) Just a thought. Oh, and let me know if your wife needs to borrow that hammer I mentioned...just trying to help.


Rob Nixon said...

I thought you were in rehab?

Sam said...

"They tried to get me to go to rehab and I said no, no, no ..."

And look what happened to her!

I guess keeping people wondering seems to work for me. I used to play ping pong rather well but one dude said "Sam, you always look at where you're going to shoot for a grand slam ... you're too easy ... look at the far side of the table and zap it the OTHER way."

Best advice I ever had.

As to the trolls, well, I have to agree, Ray Dean ...

Anonymous said...

A little better but I would still try more ping pong. How many posts have you made in Jasons mess since Sunday? You are wayyyy addicted. Have you or anyone else ever gotten Tim or Mermaid to Sam, you have changed my mind? Ever? Yes, some people can be convinced or enlightened but they rarely post. I think beer, til it runs out your ear, wit a lil island music Sam, dat it the answer my friend. Or, whack your thumb with a hammer or post on Jasons....both are painful and both do about as much good. ( Ok, I just posted too, but it was my first in a week....I am at least trying to recover.)


Anonymous said...

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