Monday, July 21, 2008

Probably a Ho-Hum Storm

Tropical storm Dolly looks ragged and disorganized for getting into the hot waters of the Gulf, and is moving at an impressive speed of 16 knots toward the SPI-Corpus area. So I went into "half hurricane mode" with the plywood, making sure the north and northeast sides were boarded and clean of potential flying objects. So we did some preparations and are now ready for the party! Hopefully Dolly will hit 80 miles one way or the other, so our beaches don't get too tore up (yikes, Sand Feet, how did I end a sentence like THAT?). Take care, y'all.


~melissa said...

I will be thinking about you and Dolly. Good luck! Hopefully it won't be too close to home.


Sam said...

Thanks Melissa! We're looking OK with some plywood up and all the essentials except an emergency generator, which in on my Santa Claus wish list. Hope you're doing OK and gosh if you come down to SPI please let us know.

Anonymous said...

Sam, I hope everything will be OK, and that Dolly does not "crash" the party!


Joni said...

Sounds like you are prepared.

It seems a little surreal to hear the reporters on CNN talking about SPI, Brownsville and Port Isabel. I think I might need to have a sympathy hurricane party!

Just, be safe.

Mike said...

Looks like it is headed your way Sammy. Doesn't look too bad, but take good care! Hopefully at worst, it will float some dead wood off the island.

Beerman said...

Eye has some interesting things happening this morning. You will have to give us a report from the eye!

Take Care!


Sam said...

Hi all,

am writing from near Biloxi, MS of Katrina distinction. Am waiting news for the return of electric power ... the fishing is MUCH better in SPI!

Anonymous said...

Sam - I went by your house and it looked fine. But you never know what might lurk beneath. Nancy went by too and fed the cat. The power might be back on Monday, but I wouldn't count on it. The amount of downed MAJOR poles is staggering. My Sam installed a generator and we are certainly surviving - without it I don't know. Next time we shall leave. This "campin' out" is getting old. Had a bunch over for a "clean out your freezer - thrown on the barbie" night and truely the mood is good but tired and HOT. This is a significant blow to our community but we shall survive. Love you Ann

Joni said...

Its good to hear from you. Glad to know you and Lori are safe and sound and from what Ann --the information angel-- says everything survived on the home front.

Sam said...

I agree, Ann is our true "Island angel" and Nancy M. has checked on out house as well. Thanks to you all, including Kevin and Azziza.

What grabs me is that Dolly was "only" a category 1 or 2 storm, not even worthy of an evacuation. While there was some damage, the electrical service seemed pretty miserable. I suppose it's compounded because we're "end of the line" customers but sheesh, it is our Achilles Heel. I hope the stowm blew down most of the old telephone poles and forced substation improvements so we can survive better next time. Folks, that was NOT a bad storm ... I can't imagine something stronger.

That said, we really love SPI and want out real bed ... the dog misses our daily beach walks and me too. Miss y'all, all those special people in our lives.

Everett said...

Hi Sam, Good to hear you are all okay and the house survived! Be well and get home soon! BTW did you hear that now that the little power company in small town down there in TX is shutting down, we now have the distinction of having the highest electric rates in the US! It is $.61 per KWH right now! Sure am glad I have that 10kwh windmill cranking away!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sammy!

If ya'll need a change of surroundings you are always welcome here in North By God Texas!

Really, guest room is open!

Ken and Brenda T.

Anonymous said...

I will tell you one thing Sammy, we will never stay again. It was a Cat 2 and the damn thing went on and on for over 3.5 hours - that was the unusual part - atleast what the "weather liars" say ...

Some are getting power today - the north side of Carolyn got power today, but we unfortunately live on the south side - go figure. But we are set up and on 5AD - 5 days After Dolly - we are surviving. But I'll tell ya, I am getting weary of it.

Olivia comes home tonight and the whole fam will be together - hooray! Now she can spend some time with her x@$%@ cat who freaked during the hurricane and relieved herself everywhere. Some roof damage, railing damage but overall we are great!

Can't wait till you get home. Nancy said you were in Victoria - and I heard the fridge is smellin' quite ripe. Before we lived here full time we had a similar fridge situation and had to throw it out - all the gunk seeped into the seals and was a total loss - hope you fair better. If you have to throw it out - don't unload it - just duct tape the stinker up up (we used 2 entire rolls) and out it went.

See you soon - A