Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Eight Days of Rain

Wow, no tropical storms in the Gulf and we get 8 days of rain in July, truly strange. Rainfall totals of almost an inch per day - wish I had my rain gauge working but totals should be close to 6 inches. Cabin fever is starting to get bad, especially since my daughter came down from Austin and really wants to surf and fish. We see a break in the weather and run to the beach and KABOOM goes the thunder so we run back home. Then is drizzles. We wait on the drizzle to end like one dog waits on another.


Mike said...

Sammy, please send it on up to Austin. We could really use it here!

Rob Nixon said...

The surf was great on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday man!

You just had to put up with periods of stinging rain. Of course thoughts of paddling in were heavy in my mind during those periods!

Sam said...

Well Like you get the nice spring storms up there in Austin and the peter out before getting to SPI. In this case, our showers barely made it north to San Antonio. Very strange year for weather - this never happens here in July unless a tropical storm is coming.

And Rob, I've been in that rain and it stings like ... well it hurts, man. What is there ice in this stuff? Oh well, better catch a few Wednesday because it looks like the surf is dropping and smoothing out.

That's perfect body boarding and body surfing waves, by the way hombre.

Anonymous said...

well it seems to be behind us now......

the skeeters sure took advantage of it

offshore's looking pretty good now and i think we oughta be taking advantage of that...... the seas seem to be stuck at about 3' with some steep days and some not-so-bad days here lately and i know i said with fuel prices being so high i'd save it for better days.....

but!...... insteada pounding our way out on a canyon run in a 3' chop, i've been thinking about just putterin' out from the jetties to about 20 miles-r-so just to see what's shaking (that's how far i usually go before i even slow down and start trolling)

i still haven't been out to the Texas Clipper and think we need to drop a coupla hooks down there to see who-all's took up residence there

just a thot (seeing how that'd nearly cut the fuel bill in half)...... who knows?!!, if we actually catch did catch a limit o'snapper, we might be able to drive the price o'fish down to $7.50/lb (of course that's guts-feathers-and-all)

still cheaper to go out on the 'Thunderbird' tho (speaking which, i reserved a spot for next wednesday even tho that ain't my cup o'tea)........ [sigh]

Bill Fisher
(aka: Bwana Bill, Wap, and/or Keyser Sose) http://users.pandora.be/ara/