Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Miraculously, the house was fine and after we arrived the power came on. Gosh, that was a far more potent hurricane than I thought ... but was grateful to give Lori a vacation before going back to work with the school system. And it was a nice vacation in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, like art city with a much more funky attitude than here. We kinda forgot to tour the Jefferson Davis House but got a comp buffet at the Beaux Rivage casino, which was top shelf.

Coming back to town was both a sense of disbelief and let-down. Sleeping in my own bed is going to be really good. Tomorrow I'll do all these chores but will be sure to hit the surf, either with a boogie board or a 7-foot fishing pole. It is good to back.


Rob Nixon said...

Welcome Back!

Joni said...

Good to have you back and with power no less.

I have always liked the Mississippi coast - my parents were stationed in Biloxi - but I haven't been there since Katrina.

Your timing worked out well and I'm glad you had a good trip.