Friday, April 04, 2008

Save the end of the street!

Maybe it's time for me to get back into the thicket of politics after all. I want to save the end of the street. Plain and simple, that's what I intend to do.

Where's the end of the street that I meant? It's Texas Park Road 100 which is at the end of Highway 100 and then you take a left and go up Padre Boulevard, northward. At the very end there is a barricade and yes people drive right into it sometimes.

But at the end of the road is this incredible seascape to the east and on the bayside, some nice dunes as well. Tens of thousands of people go down there every year. You get out of the car and start walking. It's nice, and we call it the wild end of the island for a reason.

But it's all private land at the end of the road. The conservation land is a small distance to the north. So technically you're trespassing and one day there could be a giant condo there. No more magnificent bonfires, having some wine, watching the moon-rise, and singing some semi-dirty songs.

So we need to save the end of the road. I'm serious that we need the state, county, and town to pony up some money for access on both sides of the road and allow walking and bonfires and camping or whatever. Maybe the Conservancy or US Fish & Wildlife would allow a deed to allow limited access to beach and bay if the road was extended. I don't care how we do it: we need a nice end of the road.

There have been several instances of the town being involved in land flipping deals lately, like two street ends, considering buying a church (huh?), a wetland area for five bazillion dollars, and some worthless land donated so they didn't have to pay taxes on their swampland. All that is crazy, Mickey Mouse stupid stuff. Save the end of the road.

If we lose the end of the road we'll lose a major part of the town's soul, history, and vibe. Of course it's outside city limits but where ELSE are you going to drive on this island? I have been coming here for three decades and moved here because there was an end-of-the-road.

And I'll fight to keep it as a historical right of way.

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Joni said...

I only hope we can do so. I love the peace at the North end and hate to see it lost. I know it's not good to say "I moved here now keep everyone else out", but there is something special about "the end of the road".