Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Odds and Ends

Well the storm did come through here with maybe an inch and a half of needed rain, followed by a super bird fall-out that pleased hundreds. The wind then turned tail to the south and started blowing again, although a few stragglers like some warblers and grossbeaks are still around.

But the birds! A whole bunch of locals stopped by such as Scarlett Colley and Nancy Marsden, both having bazillion-dollar cameras and binoculars just like the pros, nearly a block party there for a while. I learned about 20 new species.

During the rain Lori noticed a wet spot on the floor and said "watch out, I think Malia [our dog] needed to pee." Nope, that was a leak in the roof. So handyman Sam went up on the ladders and with a bucket of black roofing goo and sure enough, a few seams in the felt paper were cracked. We have a slightly sloping flat-top in case you're wondering.

As I completed the job, noting that I didn't get a speck of sticky black goo on me anywhere, I saw the view which was spectacular. It made me feel good about being here. It was very calm and the water was almost an azure color.

Soon the water will warm up ... the cold front knocked is back down to 73 degrees which in my book is FREEZING. The only bummer with this approach, waiting for warm water, is that when it does reach the magic 77, the wind stops and the surfing isn't as good ... until a tropical storm comes by. But I don't care; no waves I'll fish.

Soon it will be Tiki Time on the island again, so we'll be preparing for that. Oh well, no rumors or politics, just some odds and ends from the island.

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