Thursday, April 24, 2008

De Hotta De Flesh

This cheer thing is called an air conditioner, or at least the outside guts of one that is common in our area. They come in all sizes and prices but after about 7 years ... well let's just say if I poked it with a hoe handle it would probably explode, or simply fall into a pile of rust and corrosion. Probably the latter.

On the beach-side, they only last about 3 years, said my A/C dude. Remarkable, since up by Austin you'd expect ten years at minimum, and they didn't look rusty when they failed. I guess it's salty and corrosive down here, huh?

Now in case you're wondering about the title, that was how I heard the Marx Brothers in an old comedy movie say "hot flashes" in the Italian-American lingo of the time. It's pretty descriptive but sorry no porn here. And if you are lucky enough to have a wife with that condition, one of those "outside A/C things" is looking real good. I'll be under the covers some nights, ya know!

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