Monday, November 13, 2006

What's Bad: Gambling

Today was the first day to pre-file bills for the 80th Texas Legislature. Starting off the blocks is Norma Chavez (El Paso) with a bill (H.B. 10) to allow gambling and casinos at certain Indian tribes. She has already written a House Joint Resolution (just just love the way that sounds SO hippie) which calls for a vote on a consitutional amendment on November 6, 2007. Pretty forward thinking, eh?

I expect at least a half dozen competing bills related to casinos, gaming, gambling, horse races, and dog races. So far, the pre-filed bills do not seem to affect SPI, as the last Karankawa died here many years ago. Name that Indian for a bronzed oak-leaf cluster pin. Hint: his last name was "Joe."

In the rather strange and always comical political climate in Texas, most of the pre-filed bills want to kick butt on immigration, sex, crime, sex criminals, and abortions. None serve to solve any problems but hey, this is butt-kicking time in Texas, at least up there in the La-La-Land of Austin. No telling what these monkeys will do.

Stay tuned.


papabeare said...

Ok, I havent said anything too unpopular for at least 24 hours, so here goes. I for one would welcome legal gambling. If they want to zone it to a small stretch or tax the hell out of it thats ok too. I am sick of 8 liners being everywhere...and the only ones who get popped are the winter texans who end up paying $$$ for fines for playing some slots while the judges or others with connections( real owners) go free. It makes Texas a sadd joke when you see these store fronts everywhere. Oh yea and I think real grown up people should have the right to gamble legally if they want to, its their money. Why are dog tracks and scratch off tickets good and slots and black jack bad anyway?? It would likely bring in more tourists and more $$. If you don't want it here, then write the bill so each county and indeed each town can decide but dont shut out the whole state. ( And no , I dont want a casino inside any county park either but that contract should never have been !!)

Sam said...

Hey Papabeare, I rousted you out of the woods! You know, many Islanders might not admit it publicly but they'd love to be able to get a drink, spin some quarters, and check out the tables ... just to see if it could be fun.

Just not as a couple hundred million dollar boondoggle in Isla Blanca Park, right?

I have to tell a story how we stopped one time in Las Vegas Airport on a trip to Wyoming. So little Eric drops a few quarters and this machine starts honking and shooting money all over his feet! He freaked and Lori came to the rescue, scooping change like an anteater eats ants. So her and Eric play another machine and the sirens and money goes nuts again. I couldn't believe it.

A security guard tried to give Lori some shit because Eric was underage and as a mom, she was on a major roll and practically threw the poor fella down the handicap elevator shaft. We came into town ... remember the old Mueller Airport in Austin ... with about 5-10 pounds of quarters.

Oh yeah, gambling can be a blast but I see several things that could happen wrong - you know, bad people and gambling addiction and stuff.

Details, details, details. Just remember, we're talking like hundreds and billions and bazillions of dollars here. OK, that's my Carl Sagan Moment for tonight. /sam

papabeare said...

A word of caution about "free" games. As a long time Geek , let me just say...many, many, many of the so-called free game sites are riddled with Spyware!!!! Please be carefull. I a sure their are good sites out there. As for myself, I can only recommend the Yahoo game site. I know they are ok.

Take care, be carefull.