Monday, November 06, 2006

Apolitical Blues

You know I'm getting tired of all these darned politics. Maybe it is Election Day or something but my opinion of the whole mess is somewhere … OK, down like to a 30% approval rating. I am just sick and tired of it all. Folks, vote if you want - but good luck, as it is more like gambling than you think. Did I win? Did I vote right? Screw that pork-for-brains who ran for office; I want to know if my gamble was right! Where’s the pay-off?

Maybe the back-stabbing local SPI politics isn’t as bad, although there are local no elections here because they’re done in May, but otherwise to heck with politics. Does the Texas Governor’s race really mean anything? He’s got about as much power as I have over my lunch box, speaking of the current clown with the “good hair.”

Meanwhile we have a President who is obviously showing signs of severe mental illness. If you can get any lower than his approval ratings, throw in the nut-cases in the US Congress. It is rather obvious their idea of a “party” is a lot more expensive than ours. Let’s fly to Qatar on the taxpayer’s dole and party hearty on a luxury yacht, folks!

I got to talking with some engineer types here on the Island and they all said that politics was a serious no-no for them. Sure, providing some technical help and facts might help the locals, and you can’t beat the local Island scene for exercise, parties, and fun. Screw the politics.

Sorry, like the Little Feat song says, “I got them apolitical blues.”


Sam said...

Hey I voted and Hinojosa lost, a horribly corrupt count administration, so don't think I gave up or anything!

Pedro said...

Congrats Sam! That's the spirit. Got rid of one cockroach there.