Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Tecate Taquache

Here’s some land for sale, up quite a bit from the $180,000 purchase price of last year. It is OK, although I feel a twinge of remorse for the birds and opossums and other wildlife (not to mention tons of feral kitties) that party there and on the abutting empty lot. How do I know they party there? You’ll have to go to the end of this post to see!

I had attempted to get some conservancy folks to buy the land, but at such high prices and small sizes they all balked. I don’t know all the ropes or how they did a little bird sanctuary down by Pompano Street, but I had good intentions. So far there are no takers. So, I’m resigned to seeing the front-end loader eventually scrape the lot flat, and then they bring in a crane to sink foundation pylons and … like I said, it is OK because I’m a free market man, just frustrating for my inner convictions.

Fortunately, at this price it should be on the market for quite a while. We might even get another fall and perhaps a spring bird migration out of it – may I remind the gentle reader that we had birders camping out on this property because of all the rare birds. I saw the one fellow’s last book and these guys aren’t no slouches … just their camera tripod is worth more than all my high-tech gear put together.

Now in the thicket, which is rare on the Island anymore, it is dense scrub you almost can’t penetrate. There are burrow holes and nests for all kinds of wild stuff. Our dogs always go nuts when walking the area, what with all those gamey smells and critters. And those possums – called taquache in Spanish – are obviously having a great time.

Happy 4th!


Everett said...

OK I give, what is that Tecate thingy in the bushes? We Yankee's aren't "up" on that stuff.

beerman said...

Beer Sign :)

Tha Beerman!

Ex-Manissean said...

I like Tecate. The Mexican breweries were started by German immigrants and are pretty good. I dont drink much beer these days, but when I do Tecate is on the list.

Sam said...

When he brings some of his stumpwater down to South Padre, Beerman is on my list! Some of the best suds ever ...

Oh, and that was an expensive neon sign that was given to me for my 50th birthday. I'm always looking to be creative with it. s

Anonymous said...

Taquaches are delicious!!!!!!!!!! YUMMYYY