Sunday, July 09, 2006

Still Are Fish in the Gulf

Here's a picture for the boys and girls. We had a great offshore trip on Saturday and my son did really well - I got a large red snapper but he got the bragging rights. For the gals, that's Captain Tim showing one of this best sides for ya!

The boat went to Seebree Bank, about 22 miles to the northeast. The waves were low, maybe 1-3 feet, so there were very few "chummers" who got sick (why on Earth do you eat all that silly junk food?). I don't want to do free advertising, but you can check the marine weather on the Internet and if seas are three feet or less, you will have a smooth ride - you simply can't get a better deal because a charter costs maybe a thousand smackers. Just watch the 24-hour cancellation rule or they WILL charge your credit card. I paid about $70 per person for 8 hours.

Yes, there are still lots of snappers, tuna, mackerel, shark, and mahi-mahi out there; there are a few in this picture (sorry, there were lots of happy people in front of me). I have blogged before about over-fishing and why we have to throw back all those little fish, since catching and throwing them back into the sea usually means instant death, anyway. Why do you think the shark, dolphin, and cobia hang out under the boat, anyway? Why don't the regulators allow folks to keep all fish and count the small ones towards the total? Jeez, we threw back five times as many fish as we landed at the dock ... a real shame to me. That's the law and the boat enforces it strictly, though ... we just get over it.

But for once I forgot all that sorry-ass stuff and had a good time. We ran the boat's store out of beer by noon and thanks to the gentleman from a Monterrey nightclub who brought along five cases. You rock, Raymund! Most of us tipped the crew pretty good, and some folks even shared fish with those who didn't catch jack. Nobody left the boat with a sad face. My son will be telling fisherman lies for a couple of months now, which makes me feel good!

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