Monday, November 14, 2005


Yes, that’s my daughter Samantha and everyone calls her Sam. That’s her public defender there too! Anyway, she’s had a difficult go of it and most recently her plumbing in her apartment exploded, never a good thing. So, we’re getting Melia the public defender for a while. In fact, the wife went from work to meet her in Beeville, halfway from South Padre to Austin, to meet her, give her a hug, and get the dog. I mean, Samantha found the dog huddled on her bed, shaking with fear because the water kept rising and spraying like crazy. We’re talking a one-inch incoming waterline here. So you can’t bail out the house and replace sheetrock and move around sleeping on other folk’s couches with an American Pit Bull, right?

I know, you’re reaction is that Samantha has a killer dog but let me dispel and notions about Melia, a truly nice dog. Bad dogs are from bad people, and that’s a fact. Plus, my daughter deserves some protection, anyway.

Secondly, Samantha is going to be really pissed about this posting but I wanted to show we love her, are helping out with buckets of money, and sure, we’ll take care of her dog for a while. That’s what good parents do.

And yes, she can move down here if she wants, but that Samantha is hard-headed worse than any Wells I ever saw. She’s going to fix things up in Austin, go to community college, and get everything back together including her beloved Melia. Buckets of love to ya, honey, I admire that.

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